Kitchen Hygiene


Ventilation Hygiene

  • Full system Deep Cleaning to include installation of access.
  • Deep cleaning using existing access.
  • Partial deep clean to provide firebreak.
  • Fan - maintenance / replacement
  • Filters - cleaning / replacement

Deep Clean Kitchen Hygiene

  • All equipment
  • Hot equipment only
  • Structure only
  • Full deep clean to include structure

Indoor Air Quality

  • Carry out microbiological sampling
  • Deposits thickness tests
  • Dust vacuum tests
  • Air ventilation deep cleaning
  • Air flow readings
  • inspections and reports
  • High level access cleaning

L.E.V. Testing

  • LEV Testing: Fume, Dust & Vapours
  • Extraction surveys & inspections (risk assessments)
  • Planned maintenance schedules (monitoring)
  • Ductwork cleaning installation of access (into ductwork)
  • Suppliers of filters
  • Supply and installation of replacement extractor fans
  • Report upon completion of LEV Test (insurance and HSE purposes)

Northern Shire will ensure that adequate access is available to ensure that the whole system is subject to clean (2m intervals-B&ES standards)

Benefits of Cleaning

  • Reduced risk of kitchen fires.
  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff
  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal
  • More efficient system, longevity of mechanical parts.
  • Compliance with local & national fire & health codes
  • Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies.
  • National coverage
  • Whole system cleaning
  • Reduction of risk (fire/insurance/employee)
  • System efficiency improvement

Northern Shire work to the highest possible standards, cleaning to the latest industry guidelines- TR19 (B&ES accredited), Safe Contractor, BOHS P601.

Northern Shire are committed to providing the most cost effective solution to your needs, without compromise, whilst adhering to the latest legislation.

The company will provide up to date and accurate reports on our customers asset base periodically, providing Certificates of Hygiene for insurance purposes.

HVCA | Safe Contractor Approved

Some of our services:
  • Kitchen extraction surveys and inspections (risk assessments)
  • Planned maintenance schedules (monitoring)
  • Ductwork Cleaning
  • Installation of access
    (into ductwork)
  • Suppliers of mesh or baffle grease filters
  • Supply and installation of replacement extractor fans
  • Certificate of Cleanliness (insurance purposes)